Lift engineers are responsible for the installing, refurbishing, servicing and repairing of all dumbwaiters.

They can also be involved in the design; using CAD software to produce bespoke products.

They are required to travel from site to site to any building that requires maintenance or repairs on their dumbwaiter. The work can be oily, hot and dirty, and engineers may have to work in confined spaces, especially on older systems.

What does it take to become a Lift Engineer?

Anybody thinking of becoming a lift engineer should have an aptitude for electrical and mechanical work as this is the basis for the entire job. Engineers can be faced with any number of problems when they arrive at a job, so being able to identify problems and having excellent troubleshooting skills is a must have.

They need to be able to understand engineering drawings and principles as well as having good communication and customer care skills. Most engineers will be in direct contact with customers on a regular basis and need to be able to communicate clearly and concisely if there are any problems, and what those problems are.

An engineer may be required to perform a number of services or repairs in one day, so a high level of organisation is required. Workloads, tools, and materials all need to be organised to maximise efficiency and improve time management.

Most engineers will be out on the road alone for most of the day so need to be able to work without close supervision.

Engineers must be computer literate in order to update records and writing reports.

Work for an engineer demands a lot of flexibility, workdays may differ in length as jobs can take up an unspecified amount of time. Emergency breakdown cover means that engineers must be available for 24-hour response.

As most engineers work alone, it is important that they are fully aware of statutory requirements and industry guidelines regarding health and safety, and inspections.

New engineers are always required for the ongoing maintenance of lifts and dumbwaiters. If you are interested in becoming a lift engineer, more information can be found online.