Here at Sheridan Lifts Ltd, we take great pride in the service that we deliver. We never consider our work to be done, until we know that our clients are satisfied with our work. As experts in our field, we are in a position to offer our customers a broad range of services. Whether you require an installation, some maintenance, or even dumbwaiter repairs, our expertise will ensure that we are able to keep everything in working order for you.

We know that any business which has installed a dumbwaiter, has done so for a reason. Your dumbwaiter is likely to be heavily relied on to complete everyday tasks. As with any piece of equipment which is used heavily, each day within the workplace, there is the chance of it eventually breaking down. Should you ever find yourself in this predicament, don’t worry. Our team here at Sheridan are on hand to assist. We understand the impact of such a breakdown and how this could affect your business and employees. Therefore we will guarantee that you are back up and running in no time.

Our knowledge of all things dumbwaiters is second to none. Our continued commitment to offer our customer’s the best aftercare solutions, is what ensures that we stay way ahead of others out there in the industry. From maintenance to dumbwaiter repairs and advice, Sheridan Lifts are always here to assist you. What is more, our team of dedicated technicians, recognise the type of environment they are working in. This is especially important for our clients who work within the catering industry, where food hygiene is always of the upmost importance.

We always go above and beyond to assist our customer’s with their dumbwaiters. Contact us today for more information on our services.