work harder

Any piece of machinery that improves the quality and efficiency of work, as well as helping you get the best out of your employees, is definitely an investment for any company. This can certainly be said about dumbwaiters.

Many on line polls suggest that kitchen work is one of the main offenders when it comes to the jobs most likely to cause stress. As a person who enjoys dining out quite often, I myself have been subjected to many a stressful experience when visiting restaurants. A stressful kitchen environment can unfortunately make its way in to the dining room floor, for all to see. We can only imagine the commotion that takes place behind that kitchen door. From Michelin star restaurants and five star hotels, to local restaurants, there is one thing all of these places have in common, the chaos of a busy kitchen. When it comes to reducing stress in the work place, we here at Sheridan believe that our dumbwaiters will help improve efficiency in the kitchen and on the restaurant floor.

Dumbwaiters have a number of benefits for both the employer and the employee. For businesses where the kitchen is located on a different floor to the dining room, the use of dumbwaiters is essential. Dumbwaiters will not only give the kitchen easier access to the dining room floor, but also ensures a safer working environment for your employees. There is nothing more worrying than the thought of your employees running food up and down stairs, carrying multiple hot plates and dishes. Something which I’m sure you would agree could become quite hazardous during busier periods.

Dumbwaiters will also ensure that waiters and waitresses’ do not have to occupy customer lifts when serving foods. Even something as minute as that can make a restaurant or hotel seem a little less professional.

These reasons alone should be enough to encourage any business to invest in a dumbwaiter. So why make work harder? With an unrivalled reputation for exceptional quality and customer service, call Sheridan today for more information on our dumbwaiters and services.