Dumbwaiters are useful freight elevators which are highly common in private, public and commercial buildings.

A lot of restaurants make use of dumbwaiters to transport food between floors. Over time these dumbwaiters can become a bit grubby and worn down.

To make your dumbwaiter last as long as possible it is recommended to perform regular maintenance and cleaning.


Lift cleaning is an essential part of dumbwaiter maintenance as food particles and other debris can find their way into the corners of box shaped lift cabins. High powered steam cleaning is the preferred cleaning device, as it is the most effective and hygienic method of deep cleaning a lift.

The lift pit is another area which requires a lot of attention, this can be a breeding ground for old food, cutlery and other loose items. New dumbwaiter designs come fitted with a lift pit door for easier cleaning access.

Cleaning lifts can be fairly labour intensive but is one of the best ways of increasing the longevity of your dumbwaiter and avoiding breakdowns. It is also necessary to keep away any unwanted pests and vermin that are attracted to food waste.


As well as cleaning, regular maintenance is also required. A lift in a busy building can make a couple of hundred trips every single day. This creates a huge strain on ropes, motor and guide rails. Failing to maintain these features can cause lubrication problems and allows debris to accumulate. Maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated, simply applying lubrication spray or thin oil at semi-regular intervals can enhance free movement of the cabin.

Overlooking these simple maintenance jobs can lead to costly repairs that are completely avoidable. Frequent maintenance ensures your dumbwaiters remain in a good standard so future maintenance can be carried out swiftly and easily, and at much less of a cost.