We might be a little biased, but we definitely think dumbwaiters are one of the most useful amenities to have installed in your commercial buildings, especially if you’d otherwise be transporting documents, food and more across floors by hand. Sometimes, however, you might need to shift a heavier load than most dumbwaiters are used to handling. This is where goods lifts can come in, as they’re the ideal thing for handling larger amounts of cargo and moving them across floors with the utmost ease and efficiency.

Goods lifts are specifically designed with the transport of heavy cargo in mind, and most are significantly larger than your average dumbwaiter. We’ve gone to every length to guarantee that the goods lifts provided by Sheridan Dumbwaiters are more than capable of handling everything you can load onto them and more, with a smooth, safe and secure ride guaranteed for all items on board. In addition, we’ve packed every goods lift full of the latest technology and innovations to make your daily life as easy as possible, promising nothing short of unbeatable reliability and functionality no matter what.

In the same way that dumbwaiters can provide a tremendous range of benefits to your business, goods lifts can provide a dramatic increase to the smooth running of any business that involves handling heavy items or large quantities of cargo best transported by way of a sturdy goods lift. All you have to do is get in touch, and let us know exactly what you need – we’ll soon be sorting you out with something from our range of top quality goods lifts!

Here at Sheridan Dumbwaiters, we’ll always go the extra mile to guarantee success every single time, whether you’re looking for incredible goods lifts to handle large loads of cargo or top quality dumbwaiters for those more compact tasks. Make sure you get in touch with our expert team of lift engineers, and we’ll sort you out in no time at all. You can find our contact details on our website.