Document Lift

Loading: single entry or open-through
Capacity: 5 kg
Speed: v = 0,35 m/s
Landgin doors: single hinged doors
Position of the winding unit: below, in the shaft
Control system: microprocessor controller as call/send controller with call accepted/position indicator, short-stroke buttons, diagnostic system


Document lifts are an essential part of any business that often needs to move a great deal of sheets, folders and other documents between floors within the same building. As with all of our incredible dumbwaiters, our document lifts are the ideal solution to bringing unparalleled levels of convenience and reliability to your property.

A secure and dry interior is a crucial part of ferrying important paper items and documents safely across floors, so you can rest assured that all of our document lifts are more than capable of providing a fully enclosed space that protects and safeguards its contents as it transports them.

Microprocessor Controlled Document Lifts

As with all of our dumbwaiters, we’ve packed as many incredible features as we can into every one of our document lifts to make sure they work to the very maximum of their potential. That’s why our document lifts make full use of innovative technology such as a microprocessor controller and position indicator combination to ensure they’re as convenient as possible. With the addition of short-stroke buttons and a diagnostic system that allows for effective maintenance, it shouldn’t be too hard to see why our document lifts are such a popular choice.

When it comes to providing top quality document lifts, as well as a host of specialised services which perfectly complement your brand new document lift installation, we here at Sheridan Dumbwaiters are the first port of call for a huge number of people looking for the finest dumbwaiter on the market. If you feel as if our dedicated and highly professional approach to document lifts is the thing for you, don’t wait to get in contact with our team and let them know what you need!