1002, 2016

Fully Stocked – Dumbwaiter Lifts

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Here at Sheridan Dumbwaiters, we have a fantastic number of dumbwaiter lifts on offer, and we can’t wait to provide the perfect service lift for you. After all, when we say we have something for everyone, we really mean it! Dumbwaiter lifts come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s definitely worth looking into the […]

402, 2016

Specialised Servicing – Dumbwaiter Servicing

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If you’ve never heard us say it before, it definitely bears repeating – dumbwaiters are definitely no ordinary kind of lift! They don’t carry passengers like your typical elevator does, and as well as being much smaller they’re installed in vastly different places. They make a common sight inside of kitchens, for example, and it’s […]

111, 2015

Help At Home – Dumb Waiter

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The commercial and industrial applications of a dumb waiter installation are well known, but what about a dumbwaiter at home? Dumb waiters, of course, are the ideal thing for moving items between floors, and there’s a tremendous range of items that will fit inside them and be ready for transit, so it shouldn’t be hard […]

1510, 2015

It’s well documented

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You will be pleased to know that gone are the days of struggling to carry stacks of files, papers and documents up and down the stairs, and here is how.

Installing a document lift in to your office or property, can be extremely beneficial for your businesses. When it comes to transporting a large number of […]