2010, 2017

The Benefits of Installing A Dumbwaiter Lift

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Dumbwaiters have always been effective pieces of machinery in both the residential and commercial sectors. You might be sat there thinking that dumbwaiters are now a little outdated and they’re nothing more than a thing of the past- however this couldn’t be further from the truth.

With the implementation of modern technology and materials, dumbwaiters are […]

1210, 2017

How Do Dumbwaiters Work?

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For businesses that operate across different levels in a building, a dumbwaiter can make all the difference to productivity. For example, if you need to transport items from one floor to another which would be hazardous to carry up and down stairs, then a dumbwaiter can make your operation much safer and quicker.

They are most […]

2508, 2016

Make Life a Little Easier

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They say that hard work pays off, and that is a sentiment that we stand by here at Sheridan Dumbwaiters. However, when it comes to the smooth running of a daily business we also believe that there is no need to make life harder than it needs to be. Those who opted have a dumb […]

1908, 2016

Good To Know

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You may think that we are Sheridan Dumbwaiters are biased, but we definitely think that these kinds of lifts are one of, if not the most useful amenities a business can invest in. When it comes to businesses who have to transport stock and products safely between floors, then the dumb waiter becomes an essential […]

1708, 2016

Safety Of Course

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It goes without saying just how much of a consideration safety is for anyone who is in charge of running a business. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and they can crop up when we least expect them. Therefore, any device which can improve the overall safety of a business is an essential investment. Here at Sheridan […]

208, 2016

Making Use of Their Dumbwaiter

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You may recall that in one of our previous blogs ‘Three Settings Where Dumbwaiters Are Useful’ we supplied you with a number of scenarios in which a dumbwaiter is a valuable asset to your business or your industry, however, one thing we didn’t mention is how they can assist you at home.

Although most commonly associated […]

2306, 2016

Three Settings Where Dumbwaiters Are Useful

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Dumbwaiters can, in certain situations, be extremely helpful accessories to have. Being, in essence, small industrial elevators, these contraptions can contribute to make certain tasks significantly easier, particularly in settings which involve shifting objects across several floors. Listed below are three settings in which dumbwaiters can render proceedings significantly easier.

Hotels and Restaurants

The use of dumbwaiters […]

1706, 2016

The Ease of Automation

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Looking for the best dumbwaiter lifts? Read on for more information on how we can assist you…

Here at Sheridan Dumbwaiters, we’re big, big fans of a day that runs smoothly and stress free, and so it should come as no surprise that we’re always looking to guarantee that kind of zero hassle running whenever and […]

1606, 2016

The Smart Design of Dumbwaiters

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What do you know about dumbwaiters? We reckon you’ve heard of them before, but they’re not exactly something you encounter in your day to day life, so we’ll forgive you if you’re not fully fluent with the details and specifics. They do of course work like any other kind of lift, ferrying a cab from […]

1202, 2016

You Can Invest in Us – Dumbwaiters UK

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Whether you’re a business owner who makes use of dumbwaiters UK-wide inside of your property, or you’re looking to get your hands on them for the first time and enjoy the many benefits they can bring, it really does pay to invest in the right team to deliver a result you won’t look back on […]