A lot of larger businesses need to move huge amounts of documents, sheets, files, folders etc between offices across different floors. To run these documents between floors by hand, leads to a lot of wasted time that employees can spend being more productive.

The installation of a document lift can be a convenient solution to the problem of moving masses of documents over the course of the working day. These document dumbwaiters can transport up to 5kg of documents securely and at a much quicker rate than any office employee could manage.

The interior of the document lift is designed with security in mind. If your business deals in sensitive material and documents need to be kept secure, the lift can be set to open only on the allotted floors to avoid any prying eyes. The lift box is secure and can be set to open with an assigned code.

The interior is also perfectly sealed to avoid any moisture entering the cabin. The dry interior makes sure documents make it to their destination without damage. As well as documents they can also be used for the transport of stationary or literature. This makes them useful for both large and small businesses, allowing large quantities of paperwork and supplies to be transferred between departments.

Multi-story libraries make use of document lifts as they are invaluable for large scale archiving. Large quantities of books can be easily transported to their intended destination with much less hassle.

Document lifts are packed with incredible features to make sure they work to the maximum of their potential. Innovative technology such as a microprocessor controller and position indicator combination ensure they are as convenient as possible. Short-stroke buttons and a diagnostic system allows for effective maintenance make document dumbwaiters a popular choice for hundreds of businesses.