1312, 2017

How Your Business Can Benefit From A Document Lift

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A lot of larger businesses need to move huge amounts of documents, sheets, files, folders etc between offices across different floors. To run these documents between floors by hand, leads to a lot of wasted time that employees can spend being more productive.

The installation of a document lift can be a convenient solution to the […]

612, 2017

Importance of Regular Dumbwaiter Maintenance

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Dumbwaiters are useful freight elevators which are highly common in private, public and commercial buildings.

A lot of restaurants make use of dumbwaiters to transport food between floors. Over time these dumbwaiters can become a bit grubby and worn down.

To make your dumbwaiter last as long as possible it is recommended to perform regular maintenance and […]

412, 2017

The Role of a Lift Engineer

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Lift engineers are responsible for the installing, refurbishing, servicing and repairing of all dumbwaiters.

They can also be involved in the design; using CAD software to produce bespoke products.

They are required to travel from site to site to any building that requires maintenance or repairs on their dumbwaiter. The work can be oily, hot and dirty, […]