2212, 2015

The Gift of a Lift – Dumb Waiter Installation

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Christmas is just around the corner, and as we’re all well aware, it’s a time of giving! That’s why we here at Sheridan Dumbwaiters aim to give our services as dumb waiter specialists for as long as we can in the run up to Christmas, so make sure you don’t miss out if you feel […]

1612, 2015

Stay Up and Running – Dumbwaiter repairs

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Looking for dumbwaiter repairs? We may just have the solution you need. Here at Sheridan Dumbwaiters, our team is comprised of experts that are always at the ready to provide an emergency call out service, with unbeatable quick response times guaranteeing success even in the most urgent emergencies. We know just how disruptive […]

1412, 2015

A One of a Kind Service – Dumbwaiters

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Dumbwaiters are definitely worlds apart from your ordinary kind of lifts, though they operate along roughly the same lines! They don’t carry passengers as your typical lift might do, for instance, and they’re typically much smaller on top of that. The fact they’re frequently installed inside of kitchens also sets them apart, and it’s that […]

1112, 2015

Loads of Lifts – Dumb Waiters

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Here at Sheridan Dumb Waiters, we’re proud to maintain a fantastic stock of dumb waiters UK-wide, with our selection ranging from a delicate document lift, to hygienic food lifts all the way to fully automated systems that take care of all the work involved. If you’ve been searching for dumb waiters that certainly won’t let […]