1809, 2015

Sheridan Lifts Walking With the Wounded

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Did you hear about the latest BBC DIY SOS programme? It’s a fantastic project and a huge undertaking, transforming empty homes in east Manchester into larger adapted residential homes for military veterans and their families. We think you’ll agree they certainly deserve it, which is why we’re so happy to feature it on our blog […]

1409, 2015

Going Up! – Dumb Waiters

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Here at Sheridan Dumb Waiters, we’ve had a pretty good run since setting out to provide the finest dumbwaiters on the market. From Argos and Kellogg’s all the way to the brilliant NHS, we’ve had a fantastic list of clients with some big names coming to us both for our top quality dumbwaiters and our […]

309, 2015

Reaching new heights

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Dumbwaiters have certainly come on a long way since their inception back in the late 1800’s. These early dumbwaiters are extremely primitive by today’s standards but they did their bit to help pave the way for the dumbwaiter as we know it today.

Earlier dumbwaiters consisted of a movable frame which was lifted and lowered, manually […]