3107, 2015

Safety in Simplification – Dumbwaiters

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One of the often overlooked advantages of installing dumbwaiters in your property is how it can prevent accidents happening, especially if the environment you and your employees work in is one that can easily become quite busy and hectic. After all, there’s no sense ferrying important goods such as food across floors when you’re a […]

2907, 2015

The Right Approach – Dumbwaiters

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Dumbwaiters aren’t exactly your bog standard type of lift, and that’s precisely why it’s so crucial that you get a hold of a team that knows exactly what they’re doing. There are a huge amount of considerations to make when approaching dumbwaiter repair, maintenance and installation services, and things can often go more than a […]

1607, 2015

Lifts, a good idea! – Dumbwaiters

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 When it comes to moving large quantities of heavy stock between different floors, you probably should consider investing in a goods lift. Goods lifts can improve the overall efficiency and smooth running of your business, and here is how.

Like any other business operating on different floors within a building, lifts are key when it comes […]