3003, 2015

If its help you need – Dumbwaiter Repairs

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In need of dumbwaiter repairs? Well, you’re in luck! Service lifts might be very different from most people’s traditional idea of a lift, but they’re just as susceptible to breaking down if the proper maintenance is not undertaken. While the majority of stoppages and inconveniences can be prevented through regular servicing, however, there are some […]

2403, 2015

Dumbwaiters – The Must-have Kitchen Appliance

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Dumbwaiters are fast becoming the must-have piece of kitchen equipment, used widely in the food and hospitality industries. They can be used in almost all environments, providing the transportation of small goods between floors.

Sheridan Dumbwaiters offer a wide range of standard sizes which are suitable for most uses and we can provide detailed design advice […]

1903, 2015

An Elevated Service – Dumb Waiter

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What are dumb waiters? Well, a dumb waiter is a service lift and they are far from your ordinary lifts! For one, they don’t carry passengers as you’d imagine a typical lift would, and they’re usually much smaller to boot. The fact they’re installed primarily inside kitchens also sets them apart, as well as giving […]